Golf Fitness

Bottom line. Fix your body, fix your swing.


Whether you are a weekend warrior or aspiring PGA tour pro, one thing is true for all. Your physical body is the cornerstone of the entire process. It is the engine, and is the real driver. The goal is to have your body working at its best, allowing you to go out and play your best golf.

The most overlooked aspect of golf is physical ability.

I work with players of all ages to help them create a true connection between their physical body and their golf swing. There are a million ways to swing the golf club, but only one efficient way for each person and their physical body, and that’s the goal. To help each player create efficiency, to maximize function and potential, identify and correct dysfunction, play pain-free, and to enjoy the game for a very long time.

Golfers want:

Distance- hit it far (strength/power)
Consistency- make it repeatable (functional)
Injury free- have no limitations (mobility/stability)
Performance- enjoy the game, and have more fun

BT GOLF FIT focuses on:

Movement- to have balance, stability and mobility
Strength- to become faster and more powerful
Power- use ground reaction to generate force
Speed- create club head speed and distance

That was a good workout

As the golf body mechanic, the first step is to look under the hood, kick the tires, and find what needs to be fixed or adjusted. The golf fitness evaluation tells us what your body can and cannot do in relation to what is required of a mechanically correct and athletic golf swing. Based on those results, I create customized programs to improve movement efficiency so that you have the physical potential to play better golf.

Are you golf ready?

Brian Thomas - BT GOLF FIT

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional
NASM CPT, Movement Specialist
Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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