What Clients Are Saying

“Brian has trained everyone in our family and has an intelligent approach to personalize workouts. No “one size fits all.” As a competitive golfer, my workouts with Brian have improved my game and increased my strength, range of motion and flexibility with a view to daily function on and off the course. I’ve referred him to dozens of friends with similar results – from the high hdcp to the club champion. For my teenage sons, Brian focuses on safe strength development and injury prevention, for better sports performance and a lifelong commitment to maintaining fitness. Brian is also just a great guy to be around, which makes workouts a little less of a hurdle.”

P. Meyer | 10 year WingedFoot member

“Brian is a true pro! I really look forward to every session with him. He brings an upbeat and fun attitude combined with great knowledge and a strong work ethic everytime I see him. For me, who sits 12 hours a day it becomes harder and harder to maintain my low handicap. Brian’s has really helped me improve my mobility and strength. He understands how to read your body and can pivot to work on what you need at that given day. And it helps that he’s a great guy and a lot to fun to be around. Could not recommend him more!”

Pete K. | Boston College Golf Hall Of Fame

“I’ve known Brian Thomas for 5 years and I can honestly say I wish I met him 5 years sooner. He’s helped me with everything from posture issues (from sitting at a desk all day) to strength and flexibility. Working with Brian has definitely improved my golf game and in other pick up/ recreational sports from skiing to tennis.
He is committed to customizing a work out for each individual client and is not a believer in a one size fits all. Brian is constantly trying to educate and better himself on the ever evolving world of fitness and plyometrics.. his personal dedication to each of his clients is remarkable and he is a true partner to all of us.”


“Brian Thomas is extremely knowledge in the field of golf fitness. His functional training techniques have done wonders for my body and my game. As a PGA Professional with ongoing back issues, Brian has been a saving grace. Since working with him, I am at full speed with increased mobility. I am getting stronger and faster every week, and with no pain! I am confident in Brian’s training and I recommend him to all of my colleagues and students.
Thank you Brian for all your help!”

Joseph DiDomenico | PGA US Kids Top 50 Master Teacher

“Brian’s ability to learn his clients goals, determine points of weaknesses and produce results in a exciting and bespoke atmosphere is world class! I spent nearly a decade training as a division one and professional football player and I truly believe I would have been healthier and more explosive had I incorporated Brian’s training method. I noticed vast psychical improvements after working with Brian for only a few months. His creative approach to increasing my core strength across multiple planes has helped improve my overall flexibility, fluidity in my golf swing and a generally healthier and pain free lifestyle. His unquestionable integrity and passion for the profession make recommending Brian an easy decision.”

Pat N | Former D1 & Pro Football Player, now Avid Golfer

“I have been playing golf for 9 years. Six of them have been tournament golf. Brian has helped me catch up and be able to stand next to the top juniors in the world. I think Brian is a great trainer not only because he knows a lot about what he does, but he tries to get the best out of each client. Some short time goals I have is to get to 115 swing speed, win a world wide junior tournament, to get into Stanford, and of course win a major championship. Brian is the guy when it comes to food, pain problems, questions, and is always there to respond as quickly as he can.”

Lucas RP | Globally Ranked 28th Junior Golfer

“I am a passionate golfer and felt that between taking yoga and hitting the gym, I was doing enough to improve the physical part of my game. Upon working with Brian, I learned very quickly that I was wrong. Brian has taught me a whole new approach to fitness that has changed my body and improved my golf game significantly. He has also put me on a path that I believe will allow me to keep improving for many, many years ahead (as I now plan to be able to shoot my age!).”

Dave F | Pelham CC Future Club Champ

Brian Thomas - BT GOLF FIT

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional
NASM CPT, Movement Specialist
Certified Health & Wellness Coach

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